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If I could use one word to describe my artwork, it would be color. Having worked in several different mediums, I realized colored pencil gives me the ability to achieve a high level of accuracy, while allowing for saturated color, dramatic lighting and a full range of values. In each new piece, my desire is to inspire the viewer to stop for a while, and take the time to discover the extraordinary colors and subtle details found in my artwork.

My creative journey begins with everyday items, arranged simply, to allow myself to focus on the nuances of color and light, and how the interplay of reflections, refractions and absorption gives an object dimension. To bring my inspiration to life, I apply layer upon layer of colored pencil, until my artwork resembles the look of an oil painting. At first glance, my art appears highly realistic. However, a closer inspection reveals the magic of using complementary color mixes to build deep, rich shadows. I transform these ordinary items into my color-saturated vision using bright bursts of unexpected color throughout the piece.

I thoroughly enjoy the creative process and the manipulation of color. Still life continues as my main genre. Over the years, I have simplified my still life arrangements. Today, a cut glass bowl and a single magnolia bloom against a simple background can serve as inspiration for a painting, giving my art a more contemporary feel while still maintaining its timelessness. My challenge comes in depicting the objects arranged in a pleasing way, being mindful of composition. Rich, bold color and dramatic light and values solve this dilemma and are the hallmark of my signature style. The creative process and the continued exploration of color, light and values are a joy to me and I take great pleasure from those who wish to include my art in their collections.



For as long as she can remember, Arlene Steinberg, CPSA, has been creating art. While still in high school she sold needlepoint designs to stores and manufacturers, and created a needlepoint cover for a trade magazine. Arlene continued her art studies at Syracuse University and went on to have a successful 20 year career as a textile and wallpaper designer. After leaving the textile industry, Arlene dabbled with different mediums before discovering colored pencils in 2000.

Arlene’s focus is on the color and light found in everyday objects. At first glance her work appears to be realism or photo-realism. Upon closer inspection, it becomes obvious Arlene accurately draws her objects, while manipulating color and light to transcend her art beyond realism. Using mostly Stonehenge paper, Arlene developed a technique of layering complementary colors to enrich her shadows. With multiple colors and numerous layers, she creates brilliant rich hues that have become her signature style.

In 2008, North Light Books published Arlene’s book Masterful Color. It is now in its second printing and is available in paperback and on e-readers.

In addition, The Artist’s Magazine, Southwest Art, American Artist, American Artist Drawing Magazine and other publications have featured artwork and articles about her methods. In 2011, North Light Books published her artwork in their book, Strokes of Genius 4.

Arlene is a 10 Year Signature member of the Colored Pencil Society of America, and is also a juried member of the Salmagundi Club, the International Guild of Realism and the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club. She has received numerous awards in national exhibitions, and galleries and museums across the United States have featured her artwork.